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ARRI Rental takes over Panther Rental Prague

ARRI Rental Deutschland acquired Panther Rental Prague on 1 August 2011. Panther transferred its entire Czech rental business including personnel, equipment and customer relations to ARRI Rental.

For ARRI Rental, this strategic step is a unique opportunity to further expand its market position in the Czech Republic and the countries of Eastern Europe. With the expanded capacity and established expertise of the former Panther employees, an even broader range of services is available to Czech and European customers – particularly in the areas of advertising and feature film production.

ARRI Rental Prague, under the direction of Mirek Obrman, is now at the following locations: 

ARRI Rental Prague (new)
Lighting equipment
Na Radosti 420
Hala číslo 5
155 21, Prague 5, Zličín                     
Czech Republic

Phone +420 234 707 500
Fax     +420 234 707 512

ARRI Rental Prague
Cameras, cranes and dolly grip equipment

K Holyni 833/42
154 00  Prague 5 – Slivenec
Czech Republic

Phone +420 251 01 35 71
Fax     +420 251 81 69 99

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