Key Grip Glenn K├Ânig talks about using the ARRI Rental exclusive Delta tracks on the set of DP Nikolaus Summerer's DARK

Please describe the scenes that used the Delta tracks.

We used the Delta Tracks in the studio, on the outdoor sets in the forest, and on location. Many of the scenes were in the rain, which we created artificially. One of the stylistic characteristics of the franchise is the use of slow tracking shots.

What were the advantages of the Delta tracks?

One big plus is how easy the Delta tracks are to use. They are quickly joined into a pair and at the same time easy to transport. With the longest pair you can rapidly achieve long tracking shots in tough terrain.

The adapters for the scaffold tubes really help, because they eliminate all the work required for a wooden substructure. With scaffold tubes you can quickly and easily level-off big height differences, for instance in forests.

They are light, modular, and can be used for many different purposes. Of course, being aluminum means they can be damaged more easily than conventional steel tracks, but the benefits outweigh that. You don't feel the rail joints, and the dolly glides really smoothly on the Delta tracks. There is a range of different track widths and you can choose whether to use the sleepers or not.

Which dollies were used on the Delta tracks?

On DARK we used the Fisher 11 and the Magnum dolly as a jib arm base. Both worked very well.

How easy was it to move the Delta tracks to a new setup?

Very easy! You just have to remove the screws that join them together. One person can carry the short track pairs alone, and two people the long ones. Of course, you shouldn't carry an already assembled pair of tracks, for instance a 3m and a 4m pair, because that can damage the joints.

What was your favorite or most challenging scene to film and why? How did the Delta tracks help?

One of the trickier scenes, a kind of planned sequence, was the one where a man hangs himself in his room. The camera track starts close on a TV and ends in a long shot of the big room. We used the Magnum dolly with the Aero jib arm and a remote head. The front Delta track pair was removed during the shot, because it would have ended up in the picture. So we used two longer pairs and thus only had to roll over two joints. And we left out the sleepers because the actors had to walk inside the tracks. That is another big advantage of the Delta tracks.

How was the support from ARRI Rental during filming?

I've been working with ARRI Rental for years now. The collaboration and their service have always been excellent. I always feel like I have their full support, during the preparations and also when filming.




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