July 25, 2017



ARRI Rental relocates its Hungary branch to a brand new building complex

August 1, 2017, marks the completion of the construction of ARRI Rental’s new office buildings. The new office and warehouse complex is located in Budapest’s 15th district, opposite the Origo Film Group buildings in one of the largest and most modern studio complexes in Europe.

The actual move will take place August 1st through mid-October. The image above shows the status quo.


Employees of ARRI Rental Budapest

Back row from left: Harlon Syamsuddin (Electrician Warehouse), Georg Hartl (Technician Lighting), Peter Varnay (Technician Camera), Laszlo Kiss Benke (Accounting), Tamas Zettisch (Technician Camera), Gergely Palffy (Senior Project Management Camera and Grip), Clemens Danzer (Branch Manager ARRI Rental Budapest and International Sales Director), Mike Waechter (Head of Operations Lighting and Grip). Front row from left: Raymond Lengyel (Office Manager), Eszter Faradi (Head of Camera), Torma Ferenc (Technician Camera), Ireva Mexis (Personal Assistant to Clemens Danzer)

Photographer: Edvin Balasz (R2 Support, Interface Camera Dep.)

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