ARRI Rental Budapest supports film course at the HSC (Hungarian Society of Cinematographers)


One of Hungary’s most prominent cinematographers and directors, Lajos Koltai, ASC, HSC, will teach a unique 3-month course at the HSC Film Crew School in Budapest. ARRI Rental Budapest supports the undertaking by providing exclusive equipment. 

This extraordinary and groundbreaking course is primarily designed to attract those who are currently working as part of a creative team yet are still at the beginning of their career.  

Over a 3 months period and split into two modules, attendees will receive instructions from Lajos Koltai in directing, cinematography and acting and have the opportunity to further refine and develop aspects of their own film projects.

The course also entails a guided tour through the intricacies of Hungarian, European and American filmmaking by analyzing selected scenes from the 75 films Lajos Koltai made to date including: The Legend of 1900 and Malèna

Participants will also have the chance to present their projects to local and foreign filmmakers and to profit from the valuable feedback they will receive.

ARRI Rental Budapest, a service provider offering professional camera, lighting and grip equipment, is an ideal collaborator for the course and is delighted to supply state of the art equipment for Lajos Koltai's course.




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