ALEXA 65 Received BKSTS Award

The International Moving Image Society (BKSTS) held its annual Bernard Happé Lecture and Society Awards ceremony on 2nd March at the ICAP MediCinema within Guy's Hospital, London, where the ALEXA 65 was honored with a Technical & Scientific Achievement Award.

Attended by leading industry professionals, the evening began with a lecture given by Sir Christopher Frayling, a writer, critic and award-winning broadcaster, who has written 21 books on the arts and film - including biographies of Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood. Entitled ONCE UPON A TIME IN ITALY, the lecture examined how the Italian westerns of the 1960s changed the action genre forever.

The Awards ceremony followed, with award citations read by the BKSTS President, Roland Brown. The introduction to the Technical & Scientific Achievement Award for the ALEXA 65 asserted: "Digital Cinema will surely have come of age, when the images that this marvelous camera can capture come to our screens." The honor recognized the ALEXA 65 for 'outstanding invention, development or innovation that has contributed to the advancement of the industries served by the Society' and was presented by the Patron of the BKSTS, Sir Sydney Samuelson CBE.

It was collected by Andrew Prior, ARRI Rental UK's Head of Cameras and Digital Systems, who noted, "I am extremely proud to have accepted this award on behalf of both ARRI and ARRI Rental. It is especially rewarding for everyone involved with the ALEXA 65 to be recognized."

The ALEXA 65 was launched at the end of 2014 in LA, just 11 months after proof of concept allowed the project to be green-lit. The system, comprising camera, lenses and a complete image workflow, is now available to productions, with significant interest being shown by cinematographers attached to high-profile feature films.

Martin Cayzer, Chief Executive of ARRI Rental, says, "We thank the BKSTS, this is a wonderful accolade for both our technology and the tireless work of the entire team behind developing and rolling out the system. With the ALEXA 65, ARRI Rental will be building on the technology and image quality started in 2010 with the introduction of the first ALEXA."

The Picture is showing Andrew Prior accepting award for Technical & Scientific achievement from Sir Sydney Samuelson. People from left to right are Roland Brown, Mario Radinovic, Andrew Prior, Sir Sydney Samuelson and William Loyd-Holmes.

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