Now available at ARRI Rental: ALEXA XT Plus with in-camera ARRIRAW, the 9K M90 with lensless MAX Technology and a new On Set Generator

The ARRI ALEXA XT Plus (Xtended Technology) is the most recent member of the ALEXA family, with exciting new features such as in-camera ARRIRAW recording up to 120 frames per second, an integrated ND filter module and an even quieter XT fan.

ALEXA XT Plus cameras are the perfect addition to our camera line-up, rounding out the top end of our ARRI ALEXA product line.

ALEXA XT advantages:

  • XR module for in-camera ARRIRAW high-speed recording and efficient workflows
  • Integrated ND filter holder that is quick and easy to handle
  • 4:3 sensor for anamorphic recording
  • Integrated lens metadata for efficient VFX workflows
  • Improved viewfinder mounting for maximum comfort
  • New and extremely quiet XT fan

For more information: ARRI ALEXA XT Plus


M90 - a new 9,000-watt power class

To close the gap between the M40/25 and the ARRIMAX 18/12, the M90 introduces a new 9,000-watt power class. It is, like all other members of the M-Series, equipped with lensless MAX technology. The M90, an open-faced and therefore extremely bright unit, is focusable from 16° up to 49° and produces a remarkably even light field and a crisp, clear shadow.

Key features of the M90:

  • Lensless MAX Technology
  • New 9,000-watt power class
  • Light output matches at 12K PAR (with lens)
  • As small and lightweight as a 6K PAR
  • Focusable from 16° up to 49°
  • Can also be used with 6,000-watt lamps and ballasts
  • Tilt locks on both sides hold any heavy accessories

For more information: M Series M90


On Set Generator 21kW/27kVA

The On Set Generator 21kW/27kVA was created specifically to meet the demands of production units. Well positioned inside the Fiat Ducato, the generator leaves ample storage space inside the vehicle.

The On Set Generator (Base Camp Generator) enables productions to function even without access to a mains power supply and affords them an additional vehicle that’s light and easy to maneuver.

  • Fiat Ducato 3.50t
  • AC generator 230/400V, 50Hz
  • Output 30kVA / 24kW
  • Power sockets 1 x 16A / 400V, 1 x 32A / 400V, 1 x Schuko 230V
  • Cargo length 2m
  • Cargo space approximately 6.80m³

For more information: On Set Generator 21kW/27kVA

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