Anytronics Softlight Luminaire for TV/Film studio and location

The Softlight flood luminaire contains eight fluorescent lamps which are controlled manually or from DMX to provide efficient and precisely controllable cool lighting for use in studio or location filming. Also ideal for blue/green screen illumination, the robust stackable luminaries can be yoke mounted for use as vertical or horizontal floods giving controlled illumination with typically >30klm output for <500W input.  


The unit houses eight shatter proofed lamps which can all have the same colour temperature for powerful floodlighting with the lamps dimmed together for a uniform output, or with the lamps switching on progressively to 100% output for 8 stepped levels of illumination. The lamps are arranged in two groups of four with a swivel hinge to allow control of the light concentration in a central illumination area.  


By mixing two different colour temperature lamps, the output colour can be controlled by setting the relative levels on the two colours of lamps. The different coloured lamps can be installed with the lamps alternating through the fitting for homogeneity, or can be installed as an upper and lower (or left and right) bank either side of the centre line for split colour illumination effects.

It is also possible to control each lamp individually via DMX so that up to eight different coloured lamps could be fitted and controlled individually or in groups.