Service Vision Scorpio II 3 Axis Remote Head

The Scorpio Head is one of the fews remote heads that can be configured with two or three axes.

  • The digitally controlled Scorpio Head performs flawlessly with heavy camera loads up to 80kg (176lbs). with two axes and up to 40kg (88lbs) with three axes.
  • The remote head can be controlled up to a distance of 500m (1500ft.) Series channel RS485 half-duplex.
  • All axes (pan, tilt and roll; zoom, focus and iris) are programmable and repeatable.
  • Three control systems are available: Hand wheels (standard), pan bar and joystick (optional).
  • Its mechanical system allows to move every axis manually.
  • The flixible control system allows working in a comfortable way: Roll-horizon, zoom compensating, limits for all axes, focus setup (internal, external and by radio), damping adjustment, speed adjustment etc.
  • Power to the head ranging from 19V to 34V DC.
  • Max. speed is 2,7sec. per 360º.
  • Shoot 360º continous in pan and roll, tilt axis is limited mechanically.
  • The SCORPIO HEAD is a remote, digital and modular head, composed of 3 modules that allows to work into 1, 2 or 3 axes. All axes ca be centered optically.
  • Thanks to the golden sliprings, the Scorpio Head allows cable free movement of the head. It can rotate as many turns as required.
  • We recommend that the Scorpio II is accompanied by a technician.