ArriGears is a handy, easy to use and fast to setup remote control unit for the ARRI Head-2 and CLM-2 lens motors. The motion of the head and the lens motors can be recorded and played back immediately or can be saved for later playback.
ArriGears is basically a standard ARRI Motion system with a simplified user interface on the controlling jogbox.

Head Control
The ARRI Head can be controlled either directly with hand wheels attached to the head motors, by means of the jogbox hand wheel adapter or by means of an encoded fluid head. Gear ratio, maximum speed and acceleration can be set electronically.
The internal encoders of the Encoded ARRI Head-2 provide simple and fast referencing methods for pan and tilt.

Lens Control
The CLM-2 lens motors can be controlled hard-wired either by a WHA-2 (with WZU and WFU) or by a ZMU-2 (with FIU).
For wireless control a UMC-3 can be connected.

Cameras are not directly controlled by ARRI Gears. Nevertheless, a button in the play/record menu enables to start and stop most ARRI cameras. The remote emulation of the camera's LCD menu and controlling buttons enable the check of the camera state and the remote change of speed and shutter settings (setting not possible on ARRICam ST and ARRICam LT).

Video cameras can basically not be controlled. But - with a special configuration preset - the presence and run state of a video camera with timecode output can be indicated on the jogbox.

If appropriate for easier editing the first frame of every record/playback shot can be marked if a bloop light is connected.

Different setup configurations can also be loaded as predefined setup.

In case of further questions about setup or operation please have a look at the appendices or the corresponding chapter of the ARRI Motion (AM) manual.