Track Support

The best track is only as good as the support underneath it.

Apple Beams

The Apple Beam System is a time saving support method incorporating alloy extrusions (I-Beam) and scaffold tubing. Being fully adjustable they can be set up to suit both crane and dolly tracks. They come in several length 2m / 6' 6"; 3m / 10', 4m / 13' 2", 5,75m / 18' 10".

Alu Track Frames Aluminum

Tracking Frame for Dolly Track is an aluminum extrusion and bolted to a frame 230 x 62cm / 7' 6" x 24,4".

Track Support Beams Wood

A wooden beam held together by aluminum sleepers in the length of 100cm or 62 cm.

Doka Wooden Beams

Known from every construction sight, it is a cost effective way to build a strong underlay or use it as a ramp.