If your job calls for rigging, you call for us.

Scaffold Pipe 48mm / 2"

We have the aluminium and steel pipe in all length up to 6m / 20'.

Pro Burger Pipe Clamp

The Pro Burger Aluminium Clamp is a strong pipe clamp and can be used on all our trussing without damaging them. They come in rigid or swivel but can easily change by removing a pin.


Speed Rail Clamps

The range of the Hollander Speed Rail Aluminium Clamps available is enormous. We carry the most common ones in stock. The possibilities are endless.

Steel Clamp

The Steel Clamp is a strong Pipe Clamp but cannot be used on any trussing.

Cable Dolly

We have made a simple version of a hand pulled cable dolly. For a quick setup.

Plate to 4 Way Leveller

The plate is a heavy duty 4 way leveller on a aluminium cheese plate to be bolted anywhere or fitted with a pipe slider, ideal for car rigging.

Plate to 4 Way Leveller Mini

The plate is a 4 way leveller on a aluminium cheese plate small enough to mount the camera direct on it with its 3/8" bolt.

Slider for Scaffold Pipe 48mm/2"

The sliders are ideal for any car rig to be flexible in the positioning of the camera.

Twin Tube U-Bangi

The Twin Tube U-Bangi is a non slide based on 48mm OD / 2" scaff pipe available in flat or Euro Mount.

Scaffold to Euro Mount

Adapts a Euro Mount to a Scaffold pipe.