Location Equipment

Sometimes the weather isn't on your side. ARRI Rental can provide shelters and other location essentials.

Grip Boxes Set of 5

The Grip Boxes come in a kit of 5, all stack into each other.

Stackable Camera Boxes Set of 9

The Stackable Camera Boxes are a large kit of 7 boxes interlocking on top of each other and a rolling base as well as the top aluminium plate with a Euro Boss on it.


The Master Tents are a strong and easy way to put up some shelter. We have them in 6x3m / 10'x20', 3x3m / 10'x10', 1,5x1,5m / 5'x5'. All tents come with 4 sides and fastening tools. The colours are blue, light grey and black.


The chairs we have come in a normal and high version. They are made out of wood. The backs can be printed to your liking.


We have small and large as well as a combination cushion.

Umbrella 2,5m

This is a standard fisherman's umbrella.

ARRI Umbrella

The ARRI Off Set Umbrella is the ideal tool for dolly use since there is an obstruction in the middle and you can tilt it in any direction to avoid the dripping of the front. The umbrella comes in white or black and has the size of 1,5x1,5m.

Safety Harness

We carry the Pezel Navaho Work Harness with decender.


We have black static rope in all sizes up to 60m in length.