Grip Support

Grip equipment that - you guessed it - supports the camera.

Stackable Camera Boxes (Set of 9)

The large camera boxes 50x50cm / 20x20" are stackable and come in a set with 1 x 60cm / 23,6"; 2 x 30cm / 11,8"; 2 x 15cm / 6"; 2 x 8cm / 3" in height and an aluminum base plate with euro mount plus rolling base.

Grip Boxes (Set of 5)

Grip boxes are open end boxes in 5 different sizes all nested into each other.

Apple Boxes

Apple boxes come in 5 different sizes in a set.

Bazooka Base Euro Mount

Bazooka Bases come in 3 different sizes and all have three legs.

Bazooka Base Flat Base

We have several different sizes of three legged Bazooka Bases in the flat base version.

GF-Grip Kit

Our GF-Grip Kit has 3 large, 5 medium, 2 small legs and one pipe adapter.

Ronford HD Bazooka Base

The Ronford Base is an ultra strong flat base fitting deep section legs. And our ultra strong billet hub provides total rigidity. Modular design. All legs are interchangeable. Use up to three 200mm long sections on each leg or just use the ends. There is a hinge-joint to squeeze the base into a corner. The levelling jacks can be replaced by scaffold tubes.

Ronford HD Bazooka Set

The Ronford Risers are to be the strongest, most rigid available. A set of 5 elements of 100, 150, 200, 400 and 800mm in length give the widest range of size combinations for the minimum number of pieces. Three-leg design using a custom extrusion, CNC machined billet alloy components and high-tensile stainless steel provide massive strength, high torsional rigidity and no rust. The no-welding construction allows for easy repair. The patented connection starts with a 'true' Mitchell top fitting, adds a quickly removable tri-point adaptor, and with its opposite becomes a fast, familiar, very secure fitting. Put the two elements together, spin down the knurled nut - don't even go hand tight, and pull the lock-lever. That's it. The lock-lever then folds up out of the way.

Ronford HD Cranked Bazooka

The Ronford Adjustable Risers are strong, rigid, as light as possible. The wind-up risers are made in the same way as the rest of the system. CNC machined billet alloys, high tensile stainless steel, special metal treatments. High payload capacity. No tools required to either fit or adjust. Optimized gearbox ratio allows easy height adjust under full load - without affecting the level. Available in height ranges, 300mm / 12” to 410mm / 16”.

Spider Leg Bazooka Base

The Spider Leg Bazooka Base is a fast and light weight, with scaffold pipe buildt base.

Euro Mount Bazooka (Set of 5)

Set consists of each one 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm riser.

Flat Base Risers

Risers come in 3", 6", 12", 18".

Adjustable Riser Euro Mount Riser

Adjustable Gas Risers come in three different sizes:  Large 50 - 115 cm / 20" - 45"; Medium 39 - 76 cm / 15" - 30"; Small 35 - 68 cm / 13" - 26".

Cranked Riser

GF-Mini Cranked Riser adjustable 10 - 14cm / 4" - 6,5".

Plate to 4 Way Leveller

The plate is a heavy duty 4 way leveller on a aluminum cheese plate to be bolted anywhere or fitted with a pipe slider, ideal for car rigging.

Plate to 4 Way Leveller Mini

The plate is a 4 way leveller on a aluminum cheese plate small enough to mount the camera direct on it with its 3/8" bolt.

Flat Base Adapters

There are the 3 way, offset 3 way  and combi 4 way leveller available.

Bowl Adapters

There are the standard bowl adapter and 4 different lengths of offset bowl adapter as well as a combi bowl adapter and an adjustable adapter available.

Half Bowl Adapter

Half bowl adapters come in many different designs with the purpose of mounting the camera or an Euro Mount on it.