Decks and Rostrums

All the decking you could possibly need.

Aluminum Decks

We carry aluminium heavy-duty decks in the sizes 240x120cm / 8'x4', 120x120cm / 4'x4', 120x60cm / 4'x2' and they can carry up to 700kg/m² / 138lbs/sq foot of deck. The legs are normal 48mm / 2" scaffold pipe.


The Rostrums are foldable and quick. They come in 1x1, 2x1, 1,5x1,5 with the heights of 50,75 and 100cm.

Dance Floor

The Dance Floor is on all sides grooved and gets joined with lamellos (biscuit joiner). They come in the sizes 2x1, 1,5x1, 1x1, 0,5x1m as well as corners in two sizes.

Tracking Boards

The traditional Tracking Boards and Tracking Frames come in 8'x4', 4'x4', 2'x4' and triangles.