Camera Rigging Mounts

With our huge selection of fittings and mounts, you´ll be able to rig your camera almost anywhere.

Tyler Minigyro

A stabilizing camera mount to go. For more information please click here.

Black Tek Car Rig

The Air Rig II from Black Tek is a new and simple to use hood and side mount with four suction cups to ensure great flexibility.

Vacurig Car Mount Kit

The Vacurig is a car mount with a camera plate. It has three suction cups to hold it stable on any car, or surface with a smooth texture. The pump batteries are intergrated and easy to use. The camera plate can be used with a wedge plate or as a door side mount.

Vacurig Rigging Plate

To complete the above kit. One can use the rigging plates to further stabilize the system or add lights. The rigging plates are available in a two or three suction cup version.

Plate to 4 Way Leveller

The plate is a heavy duty 4 way leveller on a aluminum cheese plate to be bolted anywhere or fitted with a pipe slider, ideal for car rigging.



Plate to 4 Way Leveller Mini

The plate is a 4 way leveller on a aluminum cheese plate small enough to mount the camera direct on it with its 3/8" bolt.


Slider for Scaffold Pipe 48mm

The sliders are ideal for any car rig to be flexible in the positioning of the camera.

Sputnik Mounting Bowl

The Sputnik is a ball levelling head which delivers strong hold.

ARRI Bungee Rig

A simple bungee rig.


The Fine Balancer is a perfect tool to make a camera weightless. Perfect match for the bungee rig.

GF Mini Cranked Risers

GF-Mini cranked riser adjustable 10 - 14cm / 4" - 6,5".

GF-Riser with Adjustable Tilt

The GF-Riser with adjustable tilt is ideal for difficult camera positions.

Adjustable Low Rigs

The adjustable low rigs have become the standard on all column dollies, but can be used also for many rigging jobs.


The original sliding U-Bangi is a well known tool for on dolly use.

Twin Tube U-Bangi

The Twin Tube U-Bangi is a non slide based on 48mm OD / 2" scaff pipe available in flat or Euro Mount.


The GF-Bangi sliding offset rig with integrated rotable adapter is a heavy duty and strong U-Bangi with rod length from 60, 100 and 200cm which makes it an ideal multi purpose tool.

Panther U-Bangi II

The Panther U-Bangi II has as well an integrated rotable adaptor and is known for its smooth and silent slide. The U-Bangi II is available with standard 100cm rails and can be modified with 300cm rails.

3m U-Bangi

3m rails for the U-Bangi II.

2m U-Bangi

2m tubes for the GF-Bangi.

Ronford Slider

The Ronford-Baker Slider is available in 7 lengths. Designed for maximized carriage travel, with a minimum height of 12cm / 4 ¾”. Mitchell to Mitchell fitting, with an overall width of just 25cm / 10”.  The whole unit has a lockable rotation of 360 degrees and 'soft stop' adjustable buffers. We carry the 48cm / 19'',  the 89cm / 35" and the 121cm / 48'' models.

Rotating Offset

Rotating Offsets enable camera operators to easily change camera position with the lockable rotating mechanism. All models feature a 360-degree range and a leveling indicator. They are available in three lengths: 6", 16" and  12" with 4 way leveller. These offsets have a standard flat base mount.

Vibration Isolator

The Chapman's Vibration Isolator takes out most horizontal movement to allow perfect shots on rugged terrain. It can be mounted on all flat base adaptors or Chapman and Fisher dollies.


Scaffold to Euro Mount

Adapts a Euro Mount to a Scaffold pipe.