Max. Reach
(Center Post to Mitchell Mount)
11ft. 4in. 3.45m
Min. Reach
(Center Post to Mitchell Mount)
4ft. 8in. 1.42m
Max. Lens Height
(Overslung 3 / CL Head Post Up Arm Ext.)
17ft. 10in. 5.44m
Min. Lens Height
(Underslung w / CL Head Post Down Arm Retracted)
7ft. 4in. 2.24m
Telescopic Travel 6ft. 9in. 2.06m
Max. Telescoping Travel Speed 3.5ft. / sec. 1.06 m / sec.
Overall Retracted Length 10ft. 10in. 3.30m
Overall Extended Length 17ft. 2in. 5.23m
Rear Section Length
(from Fulcrum Back)
5ft. 10in. 1.78m
Voltage 32v DC battery/110v AC to 32v DC  
Max. Fulcrum Height
(with Minibase column up)
5ft. 10in. 1.78m
Min. Fulcrum Height
(with Minibase column down)
4ft. 6in. 1.37m
Mounting Base Standard Mitchell  
Max. Payload 150lb 68kg
Balance Ratio 1:1  
Min. Crane Weight Less Payload
(carrying weight)
285lbs 129.3 kg
Max. Crane Weight Less Payload 780lbs 353.8kg
Shipping Weight 800lbs 362.9kg
Minibase Weight 200lbs 90.7kg

Note: All specs are measured while mounted on Minibase with CL head measurement from lens to Mitchell mount approx. 20in.