ARRI Rental opens the Berlinale with ARRI Digital Cinematography Workshops

For the opening of the Berlinale, ARRI Rental Berlin invited DOPs, producers, line producers and production managers to exclusive ARRI Digital Cinematography Workshops. The 80 invited participants were assigned to four workshops of two different types to learn about the latest camera models in the ARRI ALEXA family: ALEXA HS, ALEXA Studio and ALEXA M. ARRI Rental, in collaboration with ARRI Film & TV Services, also presented their Digital Services and answered questions about workflow and on-set services.

The focus in workshop 1 was on ARRIs digital camera technology. Participating DOPs visited stations with the ALEXA HS, ALEXA Studio and the new ALEXA M arriving on the market in spring of 2012 to try the cameras out for themselves. The ARRI Film & TV on-set trailer was on location to demonstrate which postproduction work processes can be accomplished right on the set.

The DOPs enjoyed in-depth discussion of topics such as look development and consistent look management with the help of ARRI look files and ARRI Look Creator, VFX and chroma keying, design and security across the entire production chain, quality control and ARRI Webgate 2, with the specialists from ARRI Rental and ARRI Film & TV. DOP Busso von Müller was very impressed by the technical possibilities: "The workflow ARRI has developed for the ALEXA models is fabulous! With ALEXA Look Creator and careful preparation, you can create a very specific look during filming on set. And with digital rushes and on-set copying, at the end of a day of filming, you can even view a completed rush with an almost fully developed look. You end up with precise and atmospheric rushes that are very close to the end product and can be used directly in the editing process and for approval."

Workshop 2 was directed towards producers, line producers and production managers, who learned about ALEXA camera technology in informative presentations and one-to-one discussions. The event also focused on workflow design possibilities and ARRI's outstanding portfolio of services. Experts discussed current workflows from planning to filming, equipment, logistics, post-production, distribution and archiving. The importance of careful workflow planning for the subsequent format and system decisions, and the associated impact on personnel, logistics and budgets, was clearly apparent. Sonja Zimmer, Studio Babelsberg producer: "We're thankful to ARRI and the whole team for this informative workshop. They addressed exactly what producers are most concerned with right now, and the presentation was not just competent, but really easy to understand."

Branch Manager Ute Baron was satisfied with the workshops: "I think it was a valuable experience for everyone involved, to be able to discuss current topics in a professional setting. We were able to answer many questions from participants, which will be helpful for us also when we're advising our customers and planning film projects. I think this was a very successful start to the 2012 Berlinale."

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