ALEXA SXT Plus Features Overview

  • Built-in remote control features
    - real-time wired or wireless remote control of lens and camera
    - plug and play with ARRI Electronic Control System (ECS)
    - compatible with cmotion cvolution lens control systems

  • Additional Outputs
    - additional clone of MON OUT 1 (1.5G HD-SDI)
    - a third RS accessory power out

  • Built-in tilt and roll sensors
    - for electronic horizon in viewfinder and metadata
    - stored in metadata


Built-in Remote Control Features

With its built-in radio and lens motor electronics, the ALEXA SXT Plus makes working on set faster and more efficient. Plug the ARRI lens motors directly into the camera, turn on the wireless hand unit (like the WCU-4) and off you go. Integrating the wireless and lens control infrastructure into the camera not only saves time, but also weight, as a setup with an ALEXA SXT EV and an external motor control box would be more cumbersome to cable and heavier in sum. Compatibility with the ARRI hand units, like the WCU-4, as well as with the cmotion hand units makes this a supremely flexible tool. 


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