Codex Vault XL pecifications

Hardware 10'' Touch screen
AC powered
CPU 2x Intel Xeon processor E5-2690 v3
24 cores, 48 threads
30MB cache
clock speed 2.6GHz, max. turbo frequency 3.5GHz
AVX 2.0 instruction set
Memory 2133MHz DDR4 ECC
Ingest 2x capture drive XR (optional)
1x transfer drive 8TB
Storage Removable transfer drive bay
8TB solid-state transfer drive module
Outputs 4x 3G-SDI
10-bit HD / 2K /4K
GPU GPU engine with 2880 cores
6GB texture memory
Networking 1GbE and 10GbE interface
Vault Platform Software GPU Processing
Metadata editing
Virtual file system
Transcoding engine
Data reporting
Vault Review 2K / 4K player
QC Tools
Colour correction
LUT pipeline
Audio Sync