Codex Vault XL

Codex Vault is available as a rack-mounted network attached device ready to integrate into your production or post-production infrastructure, whether it's near-set or in a post-facility. With Vault XL, Codex tests and integrates best-in-class technology into a reliable device designed to meet your exacting requirements - processing the large amounts of data generated by today's productions, quickly, efficiently and reliably, time after time. Use Codex XL to accelerate your workflow - no matter how much data you need to process.


Vault XL harnesses the benefits of network storage - faster access to files, simple configuration and easy administration - and bolts on the power of Codex's Vault Platform so that whatever files you need are available on demand whenever you need them.


Vault XL can be easily integrated into your wider facility, using 10GigE for fast connectivity. Vault XL is a parallel processing appliance, combining the latest high quality processing, world-class image science and automated efficiency. It includes 2 X Intel Xeon E5-2690 V3 processors (12 core for Vault XL for Transfer, 24 or 36 core for Vault XL for Review) and a GPU engine with 2880 cores for maximum throughput. Dailies can be generated much faster than real-time, with multiple LUTs and burn-ins applied.