120 fps High Speed Mode

In response to feedback from end users and the rapid take-up of the ARRI ALEXA camera system on professional productions of all kinds, ARRI has created a High Speed mode that can record slow motion images using frame rates from 60 to 120 fps.


The 120 fps feature became available with the release of ALEXA Software Update Packet (SUP) 5.0 and the appearance on the market of Sony's new 64 GB SxS PRO cards (SBP-64A), which offer a write speed more than two times faster than the current 32 GB cards. Like the ALEXA anamorphic de-squeeze feature, 120 fps functionality can be activated via a license - available through ARRI's rental facilities.


ALEXA's High Speed mode can record slow motion images to 64 GB SxS PRO cards using all codecs up to ProRes 422 HQ. The 64 GB cards also allow ProRes 4444 filming at up to 60 fps in Regular Speed mode. High Speed mode retains ALEXA's unique high image performance including the film-like organic look, wide exposure latitude and natural skin tones. Since High Speed mode uses the same Super 35, 16:9 sensor area as Regular Speed mode, both the cinematic depth of field and the lenses' field of view match perfectly between the two modes.


Having full quality 120  fps functionality available on ALEXA cameras will be of tremendous benefit to a range of different production types. It gives directors and cinematographers the opportunity to create slow motion images without the expense and possible delay of having to get a specialized high speed camera to the set. In simple tterms this means greater creative freedom, which is the guiding principle of the ALEXA system.