Digital Solutions for Professional Filmmakers

Since the moment it was launched, ALEXA has had a profound impact on the industry, redefining the limits of digital motion picture capture with efficient workflows and incredible image quality. Adoption of the system has been widespread and swift, with the cameras in use on every possible type of production, from episodic TV shows, documentaries and commercials to feature films of all budgets and prestigious, international drama series.

The new ALEXA XT B+W camera represents the state-of-the-art in digital monochromatic cinematography and is ARRI Rental's latest addition to the ALEXA family.

ARRI Rental also carries an impressive range of cameras from other leading manufacturers. These include Sony’s F55, Black Magic Cinema and Black Magic Pocket digital cameras as well as Phantom cameras for high speed digital cinematography.  

MacBook Pro computers and data wrangling stations allow productions to take full advantage of on-set editing, grading and dailies processing, as well as a smoother transition into postproduction.